AgNO3 posts 4 unreleased tracks from 2015 calling it “B- Sides”

AgNO3 posts 4 unreleased tracks from 2015 calling it “B- Sides”

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About a year ago, Hamilton local AgNO3 got his big break from the euphoric track “Pure Sunlight” in collaboration with Mr Fijiwiji and Laura Brehm on Monstercat Records. Since then, he’s played shows all over the GTA, including Toronto’s Low Frequency, Garden of Eden, and Hamilton’s the Viiith Day, Super Crawl, and Juno Fest 2015. It’s been amazing watching him grow as an artist over the past couple years especially.

Over the past few months, AgNO3 announced he’s entered hibernation mode to work on an album. The musical genius is also quite the perfectionist, so it’s interesting to see what he considered at one time “scrap” tracks is now out for the fans to enjoy. I personally fell in love instantly with Drive and City of Memories; there’s something about it that makes perfect driving music. B-Sides is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the album that is to come, but for now, we can indulge in these tracks which each have their own unique sound.

“It’s a collection of tracks from the album that never was. I felt I was lacking a grand message or theme for an LP so I scrapped it and put those tracks to the side. In the course of the album process I probably made about 50 tracks. I’m sure I’ll release more as time goes by, and actually I’ve been able to see the tracks on “B-Sides” in a new light since giving them some time and releasing them, it’s nice. I really try to push myself with all that I do and experiment with each project, and I hope B-Sides represents that!” – AgNO3

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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