X Marks the Spot at Pearl King Lounge May 2016

X Marks the Spot at Pearl King Lounge May 2016

X Marks The Spot At Pearl King Lounge May 2016

Plus Minus Recordings & Funk X Rish Presents:


(Above) Presented by Plus Minus Recordings at 291 King St. W.

What Is X Marks The Spot?

X Marks The Spot will be an event series that combines all three Art forms of the unique experience that is today’s dance music, focusing on Expression, Visual Art and of course the Music. Curated by Funk X Rish; X marks the spot is the newest weekly event to begin in Toronto hosting a number of local acts from Techno to Bass House, looking to make an impact in the underground music scene.

First, an atmosphere is created through the use of 3D visuals, not only complementing the DJ performance but making it more unique as well.  Second, The  team sets it’s self apart by presenting more than a line-up of DJ’s from the surrounding area and by also benefiting aspiring producers who are looking for both a location to play and a label to release on.


Why you need to be there:

X Marks the Spot proves that times are changing and that events today don’t always need a mysterious headliner, a secret location or  killer production setup; all it needs is a dedicated group of individuals, both onstage and behind it and also the idea that for local events like this the music comes first and that’s what I believe X Marks the Spots represents.


Hosted by: Plus Minus Recordings & Funk X Rish


Project Jack

Tommy Tomasso

Upcoming Friday May 13th 2016:


ID-X Music
Friday May 20th 2016

Brayden Maxwell

Oliver Wickham
Friday May 27th 2016
Mikey Palermo

Monteiro & Colle


Samuel Ethan

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