Home Brew March 27th 2016 Recap

Home Brew March 27th 2016 Recap

Home Brew Event Recap

In the times I’ve attended events at Supermarket Restaurant and Bar, I have never  attended a more lively local event then what Home Brew hosted this past passed Friday. A Rug Rats, 90’s child inspired evening with a diverse lineup of both DJs and live music acts, Home Brew really cuts out the idea of a club-focused sound and brings together many groups of people with one common passion; Music.


(Above, hey! dw throwing down)

Local producer and DJ Mikey Palermo opened up the night with his signature house and garage sound and truly set the vibe for the night. With a volley of DirtyBird hits and a few unnamed ID’s, Mikey Palermo’s consistency of delivering a diverse yet different set list is really one of his strong suits as a performer. I found myself bobbing to the beat numerous times throughout his set.


(Mikey Palermo, All smiles as usual)

Next up was the synth-vocal duo Featurette. Featurette really was something I was prepping myself for as I’d only heard about their sound and setup prior to the show and let me tell you, It was something special. The energy was high even before the music began as the room packed up in anticipation. With nothing but originals and a very distinct sound, Featurette truly turned the room into a hot and sweaty affair, which made me reminisce about my early years of seeing the bands of my youth. Featurette truly blurs the lines between electronic music and live band performances and I’ll definitely be stomping and stamping my next ticket to see them play.

(Below, Featurette playing loud and proud)

Featurette 001

Headlining the evening was the fearless leader herself, hey! dw With her signature purple cheerleading outfit, drum kit and incredible stage presence, hey! dw truly opened with a bang and connected with the entire crowd by playing numerous UK garage and house hits including remixes of Disclosure and A-trak just to name a few as well as turning the crowd into a sea of smiling, dancing, sweaty faces. With a number of well timed drum solo’s and fills, it was truly an amazing performance.


(hey! dw, the fearless leader and headliner)

Last but certainly not least was local DJ and Producer, Maddmon. Being no stranger to the stage, the G house afficianado transitioned out of the high energy set of hey! dw straight into a sea of heavy hitting g-house remixes, floor filling classics and new originals. It was extremely enjoyable to watch as the room continued to respond to every move Maddmon was making and the party did not stop until the lights came on around 3 am.


(Always ‘lit’ with Maddmon)

Home Brew really sets itself apart from other events by blurring the lines between what electronic music is, and really brings out its own personal identity giving everyone a space to both express and enjoy themselves. It truly was a night to remember, and I’ll definitely be attending the many more to come.


Samuel Ethan

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