Event Review: Boris Brejcha @ CODA Nightclub 12.05.17

Event Review: Boris Brejcha @ CODA Nightclub 12.05.17

Boris Brejcha @ Coda Nightclub 12.05.07

The founder of Fcking Serious Records Boris Brejcha headlined Coda Nightclub this past weekend, and filled the venue with some of Toronto’s biggest techno fans. Although I’m not personally a huge listener of techno, this was definitely a night to remember due to the energy from the crowd coinciding with the music from the DJs.

Immediately upon arriving at the venue, there was a wave of heat by the entrance. I knew it was going to be one of those nights. After peeling off several layers of clothes, we easily made our way to the back of the club, and caught the beginning of Ann Clue‘s set. Her track selection was progressive and melodic. She really made me understand why the Fcking Serious music label is set apart from any other group of techno artists; they all share those elements of High-tech minimal as Boris likes to describe their sound. Ann Clue specifically carried the minimalist techno sound with hints of euphoric melodies that carried their way through the dance floor. It was like a ripple-effect of positive energy flowing through the room. She dropped tracks “Rumbling Conversation” and “Road Trip“.



Boris began his set sometime before 2am. As soon as the crowd saw him behind the decks with his mask on, fans erupted with the sincerest welcome. His joker mask is an essential part of his performance, as he even refers to it in tracks like “The Mask” and “I am the Joker“.  He dropped original tracks “Charivari“, “Fear“, “Sad But True“, and “The Process” by Deniz Bul. Half way through his set the songs started to get heavier in the bass department. Synths sounded more wubby and almost hardstyle inspired, yet still keeping within the elements of techno.


Although I was sad to have missed Toronto local Jeremy Stott‘s opening set, I heard good things from fellow patrons about it. Overall it was an amazing night. I arrived with zero expectations and was blown away by the beats and the energy of the crowd. Toronto is thriving in the music scene right now. I find that whenever the sincerest artists put on shows, the most genuine of fans will follow.

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