Event Review: Crystal Castles Sells Out 2 Hoxton Shows

Event Review: Crystal Castles Sells Out 2 Hoxton Shows

Crystal Castles returns home to two sold out shows at The Hoxton


After a new singer and a new album, Crystal Castles sold out not one but two Toronto shows at The Hoxton, presented by Embrace. After some controversy over why the former lead singer, Alice Glass left the band, many Alice supporters claimed Crystal Castles would never be the same without her. On the contrary, the new front woman Edith Frances, performed a energetic, polished set for the Toronto crowd.

Edith Frances in the shadows, taken by Serafina Thoma

Before their set began, an entire case of water was brought onto the stage. It was unclear how the 3-man band would go through 24 bottles of water throughout the course of an hour and a bit – until they began of course. Edith started the first track by opening a bottle and chugging it, opening a second and drenching herself in it, and opened and third by soaking the crowd. It was quite contrasting from the past Crystal Castles sets where Alice would chug whiskey on the stage and wander off mid set, sometimes never coming back.

The style of the music has remained the same – yet the new album seems a lot more refined, with a focused direction in the lyrics and narrative. They played new tracks like “Fleece”, “Char”, “Enth”, and “Concrete”, as well as classic tracks like “Crimewave”, “Baptism”, and ended the evening with “Not in Love”. It was a solid hour and a half set, with a full venue and respectful mosh pit. The crowd was filled with alternative music fans, so the atmosphere was pretty genuine.

Crystal Castles, October 14th @ The Hoxton, taken by Serafina Thoma

Crystal Castles is a shining example that success is possible even when the proceeds of their new album Amnesty (I) go to Amnesty International – a human rights based charity. The fans will always continue to love and support them, especially because Ethan Kath has kept to his vision for the band despite the recent changes. We can only hope that the title of their latest album implies another 3 part series, and another Toronto tour.


Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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