Hartry Releases New Track “Spell On You” OUT NOW

Hartry Releases New Track “Spell On You” OUT NOW


Out now on Bonfire Records, Hartry releases her latest future track “Spell on You”. With catchy lyrics and powerful vocals, Hartry really shows off her strong suits. Produced by Relentless Modern, the beats mix elements of pop and future bass to create the ultimate single for the summer.

Euphoradio had the chance to ask Hartry what the inspiration behind the track is. Here’s her take on it:

This song is about female empowerment. Just basically saying I cast a spell on you, and you go gaga about how much im killin’ in life. Very much a motivating break up song. – Hartry


How fitting is this track, being about female empowerment when we included Hartry in our “Feminism in EDM” video last year.

Check it out here if you’re interested to hear about her perspectives as a female artist in the electronic music scene. Perhaps this will shed more depth on her new song. This track is available on Spotify and Soundcloud. Give the artists a follow and support local!

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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