Zhu Releases Final Track in Genesis Series “Working For It” in Collaboration with Skrillex and They

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Zhu has been on a productive streak over the past few months, and strategically planned to release every track off his latest Genesis EP every Friday for the past month. With this unique twist, his tracks have had their own time in the spotlight, highlighting his various collaborations and spin on house music.

In a 3 part collaboration with Skrillex and new artist They, the last track “Working For It” was released on October 22nd via BBC Radio 1, and posted to all of Zhu’s media accounts.


The track itself is brilliant, with a unique style of house, hip hop, and notable synths that belong to Skrillex, but aren’t quiet dubstep. The track is edgy, but still maintains the classiness of Zhu’s theme and style: hookers, nightlife, and euphoria. The blend of guitar and piano, mixed with Skrillex’s touch, and topped with They’s rapping is definitely something special. This track is only a few days old and has already taken the internet by storm.

A lot of reviews fail to even mention They, who have a pretty equal part in the collaboration. They is a hip hop duo, under Mind of a Genius Records (Zhu’s label) and have recently put out an EP that’s really chill.


Check out Zhu’s SoundCloud for the Genesis Series as well as his label’s SoundCloud for all their artists’ releases. Everything is hand selected by Zhu himself, so you can expect nothing but quality.


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