DAVMOR Releases new mix “Pulse Friction” out now | Euphoradio

Posted By: Serafina Thoma On:

Local to the greater Toronto area, DJ DAVMOR releases his latest mix featuring tracks that are tastefully selected to capture the dark synth, tech house, and retro vibe. You might recognize this artist, as he is also known as Polychronic and Bumble Juice. The alias DAVMOR encompasses his love for deep house and chill vibes. The mix is pretty versatile as it walks along the fine line of chill beats and making you want to get up and dance. It’s hard to find a mix these days that can compile several different genres in a way that compliments the tracks without sounding inconsistent. DAVMOR is able to take his diverse tastes in electronic, combine dark tech with melodic house, and create a mix that that sounds polished and ready to go for an underground industrial party.

Give the mix a listen, and follow DAVMOR for more mixes and updates!

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