Junk Droid x VooDoo Premieres new bootleg “Dirty Work” + FREE DL

Junk Droid x VooDoo Premieres new bootleg “Dirty Work” + FREE DL

Toronto & Hamilton locals Junk Droid & VooDoo decided to collaborate on a track that executes a different approach to the heavy Dubstep genre. “Dirty Work” is a track that easily sounds like it belongs in a video game soundtrack – something along the lines of Metroid Prime Hunter or a post apocalyptic setting like Fallout – it has dark ambient melodies that leave you with a bit of suspense, followed by grimey wubs that echo in dark corners of the night. This track has the perfect balance of wonder and grime.


Both Voodoo and I are purveyors of heavy dubstep, and angry baselines. Upon hearing HeRobust’s tune ‘Dirty Work’ we were immediately taken in by the use of mechanic samples and the intricate basses/insane sound design he had managed to accomplish. Voodoo typically sticks to a more “riddim”-oriented feel, while I am more of an experimental, ‘weird’-sound designer, but when we sat down to work on this remix we clicked in a way neither of us had experienced before. It was a very organic experience and we knocked this one out really quickly. We’re hoping to pursue more collabs in the future! – Junk Droid


You can catch VooDoo at Bass Night at O Lounge, in Hamilton, alongside other Toronto Bass Community Djs Poly Esther and Charlie Zane on December 12th. The venue itself is perfect for bass, and that lineup alone will bring in a great crowd. You can also catch VooDoo and Junk Droid at many TBC events, so keep your eyes peeled. Loving the tune guys!


Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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