Learners Permit: What it is and what it means for you

Learners Permit: What it is and what it means for you

On November 12 2015, A collective of Toronto Producers and Promoters will be hosting the first ever “Learners Permit” series of events in association with Major League Recordings, B.A.S.E. Toronto, Musicboxx, Earpeace, and Euphoradio. The premise of this event is to give new, unrecognized, talent a shot at playing in a professional venue; in this case Li’ly Lounge at 656 College Street in Toronto.

Producers of all genres are encouraged to submit mixes or single tracks that they have produced on the Toronto Producers Group Facebook page’s thread on the upcoming event. The hosts and judges stress that it’s all about the quality of the music, not the amount of “pull” an artist has.

As a producer who has benefitted greatly as an artist by being part of the Major League Recordings family, I can vouch that all of the people involved in this event are willing to help people out who would otherwise go unnoticed. And even if you do not make it in this contest, I guarantee the MLR crew will give you helpful insight for your next production.


Brayden Maxwell- Editor In Chief

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