Local Producer MDRN releases “These Days EP”

Local Producer MDRN releases “These Days EP”

MDRN releases his latest EP titled “These Days” via Simplify Records, showcasing his wicked talents in combining electronic styles so tastefully that labeling his music into a specific genre of electronic would do him no justice. The Mississauga producer premieres his 5th release with perfection, quality, and his unique signature sound.

Appreciate carries an urban vibe, with glitch-hop wubs creating the ultimate combination of dubstep and hip-hop. The track sounds very Koan Sound inspired in reference to the dubstep and lively melodies, while the percussion and structure is deeply rooted in the neuro hop community. The entire song is energetic and funky, demanding a strong head-bob at the very least from its listeners.

New Places is the second track on the EP, starting off with a Madeon sounding melody complimented by grimey wubs, and greeted by Lil’ John’s classic “WHAT” sample. The energy is simultaneously chill and hype – MDRN has created a song so soulful and funky that it carries through no matter where it is heard. This new wave sound is uplifting and perfect for the warm weather heading our way.

These Days is probably the darkest track on the EP. It opens with the most glitches and heavily relies on that 909 snare. The song leans more towards a lot of trap elements, but does not compromise MDRN’s funky style and urban samples. It’s truly amazing how many times MDRN using the same samples differently, creating a fast-paced glitchy rhythm that cannot be ignored.

Support the artist on Itunes and Beatport. Catch him at The Hoxton on Friday April 22 alongside locals AgNo3, Mathematic, and SAVY for a Focus Friday event!

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