Mathematic Releases “Ober” out on Itunes now!

Mathematic Releases “Ober” out on Itunes now!

Review of MATHEMATIC’s “Ober” EP


Mathematic has kept us in suspense for the last couple of months. Finally, the hard-hitting single “Ober” has released on Comorbid Records. “Brrrlin” starts off the release with rock inspired bass that heavily resembles the sound of Gesaffelstein while playing with a grunge appeal. “Nix” is a track that starts off with a synth that sounds like Justice but much heavier. There’s a really nice blend at this point in the release of rock and electronic that cannot go unnoticed. “Ober” closes the release with a more industrial and suspenseful thrill. The echoes and pacing of the beat have a chilling effect on the track.

Look at the way Jack White plays a guitar, not just live but also on studio records. It’s messy, there’s feedback, everything’s distorted to absolute shit, the timing isn’t quantized so clinically like almost all of modern recording is, and that’s because he prioritizes one thing in his music over anything else- attitude. Ober was, from the beginning, about trying to capture this raw, in-your-face attitude that I felt when I listened to artists as a teenager like Jack White, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, but through musical elements that stand out to me in dance music, from artists like Gesaffelstein and Boys Noize. If I had to nail my inspiration to a single sentence, it would probably be something like Jimmy Page and Alex Ridha gang-banging a synthesizer – Mathematic

Ober sounds like it was born in an obscure warehouse with Gessafelstein all tied up against his will in order to create this dark masterpiece. Props to Mathematic for sticking to his gut; his hard work is paying off and this release is a prime example of that. You can support the artist on Itunes here.


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