Monteiro and Colle’s “Alien Race” EP Review

Monteiro and Colle’s “Alien Race” EP Review

Toronto duo formerly known as “G33k Squad”, Monteiro and Colle return with their follow up release to “22 Tango” on Major League Recordings with their “Alien Race” EP, further exploring the deeper side of the Tech-House genre.

Alien Race:

The title track kicks off with a groove-oriented Deep House bassline coupled with ethereal vocals, is followed up by a haunting synth melody, building up to one of the most well-executed minimal “Fake Drops” I’ve heard, dropping to a punchy kick drum paired with a fat sub bass groove, progressing back into the main theme with syncopated hi-hats and melody. This track wastes no time, keeping the groove going during short breakdowns and build ups and maintaining the listener’s attention by bringing in new percussive elements and a countermelody to keep the track interesting. Overall the energy of “Alien Race” lends itself to work in both an opening DJ set, or as a headliner’s secret weapon at the peak of the night.

In Your Soul:

The B side track on this EP, entitled “In Your Soul”, moves away from the deep house vibe set by the first track by utilizing a more techno/tech-house soundscape. Syncopated 4-to-the-floor 909-style drums and a pumping sub bass establish the groove while heavy bass stabs at the end of each phrase enhance the groove, accompanied by deep, dark vocal chops coupled with unsettling melodic elements overall which create a chills-inducing ambient soundscape in this track. As a producer of darker electronic music, I preferred “In Your Soul” over “Alien Race” and will most definitely be fitting it in my own sets.

Monteiro & Colle’s follow-up release to “22 Tango” on Major League Recordings is definitely worth a listen. Both tracks on the “Alien Race” EP are works of tech-house art and stand out among the other notable producers currently signed on MLR. If you are a connoisseur of groove and danceable music that keep a party alive well into the morning, Monteiro and Colle’s work will be right up your alley.

Brayden Maxwell- Editor In Chief

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