Must Listen: AUTOGRAF – Running (RAWD remix)

Must Listen: AUTOGRAF – Running (RAWD remix)

RAWD has outdone himself again with his latest take on Autografs single: ‘Running‘. For those who have heard the original this is a completely new remix on the single and we recommend you give it a listen. We were lucky enough to get a quick quote about his personal thoughts on making the song.

(ER): What aspects of the original song inspired you to create such a different track? What do you think your strength’s were in this remix?

RAWD: ” The vocal’s sounded really special to me, I don’t know, I pictured it more of a melancholic track instead of a happy one so I decided to do a piano driven, more down-tempo version. The emotional piano chords are also one of my strengths in the track I think, but i still wanted to keep a strong electronic touch on it still with a punchy kick drum and a big and smooth sub to cover the low end.The drum are obviously programmed but treated to sound closer to an acoustic drum-set. I really enjoyed making this one.”

Be sure to check out the remix below and show your support for RAWD. Available for a free download now on Soundcloud.

Samuel Ethan – Euphoradio

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