Why the Next “No Neon” is going to be Huge

Why the Next “No Neon” is going to be Huge

On Saturday November 14th, Embrace and Hunter Siegel present No Neon lineup headlined by Ghastly, Dr Fresch, Hunter Siegel himself, and locals Hollo and Mikey Palermo. Tickets for the Hoxton show can be purchased here.

International artist Ghastly has been noted as one of the most humble and diverse Djs in the scene. Growing up on a goat farm in Arizona, he saved everything he had to move to LA to pursue his music career. From opening for metal bands in the beginning, to finding his calling in EDM, Ghastly now has releases with OWSLA, Buygore, and Dim Mak Records. His shows have been said to be “Energetic and eclectic live performances which are sometimes followed by odd speeches about the abnormalities of life, regretful sexual encounters, and well cooked food.”

Dr Fresch is another producer from LA who’s gotten a lot of recognition over the past year for his remixes of OWSLA’s own Carmada, and his remix of Cassie’s track “Me & U”. It’s very fitting that Dr Fresch is playing a No Neon event since he and Tendra remixed Big Boy’s track “kryptonite”, which you may recognize from Hunter Siegel’s track “Waiting up”.

Hollo produces a great blend of deep house and techno, and has been supported by artists Skream, Basement Jaxx, and Bird Peterson. Hollo’s tracks have been featured on Thump, EDM.com, DownPour Recordings, and Rare Beef Recordings. Not too shabby for a very underground artist. I’m looking forward to what kind of set will be played live.

Opener Mikey Palermo is an up and coming DJ & Producer from Toronto, Ontario. His futuristic trendy house beats are sure to get people moving upon entry to the club. He’s extremely active in the scene, and takes initiative putting out regular mixes and events to fill the void of internet culture inspired music that’s hard to find in our city at times. His past in drums is highlighted in the crisp percussion of his techno tracks, and I’m really looking forward to No Neon now from start to finish!

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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