AgNo3 Releases Much Anticipated EP “Tales in Flesh” OUT SEPT 5

AgNo3 Releases Much Anticipated EP “Tales in Flesh” OUT SEPT 5

AgNo3 Releases Much Anticipated EP “Tales in Flesh”



Many of us are familiar with AgNo3 from his major track with Mr. Fijiwiji and vocalist Laura Brehm, “Pure Sunlight” released on Monstercat Records which now sits at over 1 million views. After many remixes and singles later, AgNo3 decided to take a few steps back and record something with greater sentimental value.

“I was really inspired by history and humanity for a lot of these songs, thinking of how we came to where we are in time and the things we did that brought us here. The sacrifices and trials and bloodshed that all went into laying the foundation for our society. I’m not sure why I got so inspired by that thought. Another inspiration was human emotions and the human mind and will. I tried to sort of paint a mosaic of different feelings throughout the EP that represent anger, confusion, courage, fear, and the unknown. All in all I hope and feel this EP can be enjoyed with or without that context, and I was really happy with that.” – AgNo3

His most recent work, “Tales in Flesh” evokes a sense of maturity with his journey through electronic music and growing skill set in production knowledge. It is industrial, progressive, and emotional. Every track embodies a different chapter of the narrative, so you’ll have to listen to the whole EP to understand the bigger picture. But still each track can be enjoyed in its own right. Preorder “Tales in Flesh” now and get a signed CD copy before the official release on September 5th!


The Golden Hand
A track with lots of anticipation, The Golden Hand has breaks of piano and stringed instruments that build into this assertive bass synth. Its sound creates a futuristic comfort that captures nostalgia in a fast-paced climax. I think if people in the 80s were to hear this in the club they would honestly think they were being abducted. The track’s progression brings on an intense vibe that cannot be ignored.

The Little Man
The second track off the EP is a more melodic, break-beat style track. The percussion is pretty intense, while the song builds with lots of different textures. The listener is shown bits and pieces of the layers just before they are mended together. Every sound has its purpose, although not completely known when initially heard. This track is really experimental, and far from commercial. The ending goes all out and portrays an uplifting feeling.

The Past and The Present
Hearing the drumstep beat in the beginning is enough to bring on the excitement in this track. Accompanied by piano and a wicked synth, it drops into a more euphoric direction with killer percussion, little laser sounds and perfectly timed breaks. The chords are slow paced but that doesn’t stop the beat. If the Prodigy ever decided to make something less hard-hitting and more enchanting, this song would be it. The second drop in the track really justifies the previous statement.

The Scattered Mind
If you are a big fan of Porter Robinson, I would say this the equivalent of “Fresh Static Snow” in AgNo3’s repertoire. It’s the track that proves when an artist decides to change direction, they still have that fire inside them we all fell in love with the first time. This is that song.
The Scattered Mind starts off with a techno Deadmau5 inspired sound with a robotic-like voice instructing the listener how to relax, as the song builds into this massive drop that cannot be categorized into any specific genre. The bridge seems to express an epiphany in the song, while the ending captures the euphoric feeling that was stuck inside AgNo3’s head this entire time.

A Dream of Narwhales in Flames
The last track of the Ep is as dark as its title. Piano plays a dark progression of notes slowly. While repeating, sounds of gusting wind and other erratic noises are layered as the piano crescendos. The piano changes slightly and the track fades out.

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio


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