An Adventurous Night out in Hamilton: A look into the Local Scene

An Adventurous Night out in Hamilton: A look into the Local Scene

Sometimes a night out planned for Toronto doesn’t exactly go as originally planned. One of the beautiful things about living in Hamilton is that our nightlife is booming in the EDM scene. You can take a walk down Hess Village and find a number of venues such as Che which cater to hip hop and the alternative scene (depending on the night) usually with free cover before midnight. There are venues on the mountain such as O Lounge which carry a heavy respect to locals – usually in the house and techno genres and around a 5$ cover. Or you can take a walk closer to the downtown core, and find on John and King William the Club 77 Complex, also home to Dirty Dogs and The Underground. The complex has had insane international bookings over the past year, like Green Velvet, Shiba San, Greg Gow, Jauz, and recently Cosmic Gate (just to name a few).

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This past Saturday I found myself sitting in a full car of people ready for a night out, realizing a sudden change of plans we decided to make the best of our local scene. Mathematic proposed the idea of going to The Underground in time to catch Savy’s set which started at 11:15 pm. We couldn’t resist the idea, so we headed there just in time.

Savy’s set started off with a lot of techno, which fit the underground lineup for the evening. But the last half of his set is where it really picked up. He geared more towards house tracks, and the crowd that continued to pour in really loved it. There was a lot of energy on the dance floor, and the air was significantly warmer down there than when I first arrived. Although Cosmic Gate was headlining upstairs, I was only interested in my local artists. There is a genuine vibe that they cater to that will always grab my attention before the amazing international bookings. Although I would have loved to stay til the end to catch Hugo M’s set, we decided to leave and walk a block over to Baltimore House.

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Baltimore House is a gem of a venue in Hamilton: it’s a short walk from Jackson Square, next door to Home Grown Café (where all the hipsters go for beer, superb grilled cheese and open mic nights), and it’s also across for Absinthe where Motown is hosted every Wednesday as well as bookings for metal/rock/punk/reggae bands play throughout the week. King William is a very arts and culture friendly street. And Baltimore House is smack-dab in the middle of all the action.

Baltimore is known for its themed nights: Thursdays is teamed up with Buggin Out (che) to bring resident Djs for Rap Night, Friday nights caters to all kinds of local rock acts, but the most bumpin’ evening has to be the Saturday Night Drive. Many local Djs such as Luxe, Brinx, Kevin Kartwell, Osito, Chaotic, and of course, Fruiti are all regular resident Djs at Baltimore House.

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But this wasn’t just an ordinary night for Baltimore House: the evening was a farewell to Fruiti as a DJ in the EDM scene. He wasn’t just saying goodbye to his residency for the Night Drive, he’s saying goodbye to the entire scene. His decision is quite admirable – I find a lot of Djs have abandoned the scene lately in search of greater self as a producer, and I have no doubt that his talents will be put to use long after the explosion of EDM.

Osito on point with the vinyls all night 🔊🎧 #Hamilton #local #techno #retro #wheww

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The entire evening was a pleasure. Osito spun vinyl as always, and killed it with his smooth transitions into relics that I forgot existed. Fruiti had his way with the decks, playing progressive tech and toying with the builds. The crowd loved being teased and it was felt through the shaking floor. Many of the resident Djs came out to support the farewell to Fruiti. The local community in Hamilton is one of the strongest I’ve been honored to experience. It felt good knowing cover and drinks were cheap, people weren’t shoved into a sardine can or being abused by power-tripping bouncers, Djs were very approachable, and if you wanted to chill out there’s a whole other half of Baltimore house serving drinks with seating and Grilled Cheese!

Sometimes the best evenings happen unexpectedly, and this was definitely one of them. Although Fruiti said his farewell to Baltimore House, his final farewell is this weekend at O Lounge for a B2B set with Rawd, alongside other locals Chaotic, Locotek, and more.

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Soak up the local scene. There’s so much talent right outside your door!


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