Event Review: Andhim Brings Super-House to Toronto | Euphoradio

Event Review: Andhim Brings Super-House to Toronto | Euphoradio

German Duo Andhim Bring Super-House To Toronto


Just shortly after announcing their own record label earlier this month Superfriends Records, the German Duo Andhim (Simon , Tobias Müller) on their north American tour made a stop in Toronto at CODA, brought to us by FLOH Toronto. Prior to Andhim’s performance resident DJ Jonathan Rosa was doing an excellent job setting the mood with some high level energy beats. Getting the crowd excited and pumped up for the main headliner to go on. When Andhim took to the stage you could tell the crowd was eager to hear them play, giving the artists a warm welcome and instantly grooving into their recognizable style.


Simon and Tobias were mixing back to back in the Dj booth the entire night. You could definitely see they were having a great time feeding off one another; laying down a variety of tracks from softer instrumental melodic tunes, to heavy electronic music with an emphasis of focusing on the finer details. Playing a wide range of their well-known remixes like “This Emptiness is Mine”, “ Paris”, “How Many Times” to a variety of newer and classic tracks “Mr.Bass”, “Cloys”, “Bermudachords”, and “Alter Egon”.


Super house” is what Andhim uses to describe their music. They like to knock down the boarder of genres and just play what they feel is right and most importantly like to have fun while doing so.

Dedicated fans that were there at the end of the night were left wanting more. The crowd started chanting that famous line we all hear “one more song”. As the lights turned on, it looked like the show was over indefinitely. But Andhim Busted out “Spayce” as the final closing track. Even after Andhim’s set was finished, both group members were nothing but all smiles and posed for some pictures with fans.

It isn’t very common for Andhim to do an extended four hour set like this. Playing from 1 am till close and they were able to showcase their talents over the course of the evening and did an overall outstanding job, executing such a memorable set. Fortunately Andhim plays in Toronto every year so we just have to patiently wait for them to come rolling back to the city next year for another night of fun.

Nicole Sternbauer– Euphoradio


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