Bill Slinnton releases Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It (Bill Slinnton ‘Do it Harder’ Remix) + Free DL

Bill Slinnton releases Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It (Bill Slinnton ‘Do it Harder’ Remix) + Free DL

The diversity in this young artist continues to grow. Originally making trap music, Bill Slinnton has expanded his tastes and taken a liking to the bass house genre. On the flip side of producing, Bill Slinnton is talented at spinning almost any genre of EDM depending on the night. He’s been on the Ever After Festival lineup earlier this year as well as the much-praised Garden Of Eden Festival in August.

Toronto local Bill Slinnton is at it again, but this time remixing a classic Ice Cube track that captures the essence of a night out in the big city. The track feels extra relevant following the success of the Straight Outta Compton movie too. He has the magic touch when it comes to anything bass – and this time the magic comes to you in the form of a Free Download. Soak up the chill urban vibes, support your local artists and enjoy the remix!

“Growing up this was such a big tune and still is in my books. What triggered the idea was when my roommate came home after seeing “Straight Outta Compton”. He was so moved by the movie and Ice Cube’s ‘You Can Do It’ came to mind. I was like ‘Man! That song has so many samples in the intro with basically no percussion over them… Someone should remix that… Wait…’ At that moment I turned around, walked into my room, and began chopping up the samples. There was no acapella that I could find so what you hear, in terms of sampling, came entirely from the original track.” – Bill Slinnton

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