If you’re a DJ, Promoter, Artist, industry worker or all of the above, then look no further than Night Shift.

Night Shift is an industry night every Wednesday, boasting a consistent, ever-changing line-up of underground, local DJ’s playing the best in House, Disco and Techno. Whether your a DJ, promoter, night worker or just like having fun on a weekday, this is the event to check out. You may ask; why? So we’ve made a short list for you to save time.

Curated by the NOISE FREQ‘s Shawn Campbell (Sir Real, Redmond) & Jason Neyra (MÌLU), Keith Mustachi (Mr. Mustachi) and Euphoradio’s  Samuel Ethan (NAHTE) the event has gained some notoriety in the last two years since beginning at the beloved local bar TOTA with owner Toni, who really gave it a platform to grow and gave it a chance despite having to later close his Bar. Without Toni giving the slot every Wednesday, Night Shift wouldn’t be where it is and what it is today; and now it’s at Eden Hall in Kensington Market where it continues to pack the bar week after week.

Below are a few snippets of some of the recent line-ups; as you can see they’re both fresh and diverse week to week, without straying away from what began Night Shift in the first place.


(Above: March 2017 Lineup)

(Artwork By Jason Neyra)

Night Shift is the only weekly event of its kind; its cover-free and continues to change up the line-up while keeping one thing the same; the music. DJ’s hailing from bedrooms, club residencies, and different cities have graced the decks with ease, making it one of the best parties in the city right now. Some of the names include Manzone & StrongJAYEMKAYEM, Freeza Chin, TICKY TY, Marcus Visionary, Sandy Duperval, Pineo & Loeb, Roberto & CL, Pavel Elkin and HADI and so many more its hard to believe its only been 71 events since its inception and it continues to climb.

Many collectives have also had guests perform for Night Shift events including BUMP Events, The Secret Society, BEDROOMER, Its Me Not U, Forth, Mettle Entertainment, Turbo City and many more have all contributed with their styles  of music and as you can see, no two months are the same. Its more than just an event, its a community.  The events themselves are made up primarily of DJ’s, Dancers, Promoters and other industry workers who are simply out for a good night, with good music and good company. For up-and-coming DJ’s and producers looking to share and find outlets for their music, Night Shift is a networking HUB, and with just those collectives above, you never know who you’re going to meet.

By keeping true to its roots, and consistent in its music, Night Shift continues to deliver week by week with nothing but local Toronto music straight from the Underground. With the event going on every Wednesday there really is no excuse to not duck in and have a drink or two. As they always say in their event pages,”No Cover, Local Music, Good Vibes” we recommend Night Shift as an event to keep on your radar.

For More news and information like and follow: https://www.facebook.com/NightShiftToronto/

Every Wednesday, 10PM

EDEN HALL, 193 Baldwin St.

Kensingon Market


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