Toronto gets a taste of paradise.

On its second installment of the series Paradise In The Park the official closing party of summer made a stop in Toronto on one of the hottest Sundays we’ve seen all year. The location at Woodbine park was very scenic as we were surrounded by the early fall colours signifying the coming season – a perfect place to showcase the talent. The awesome artists were curated ever so perfectly, bringing a wide range of electronic music to our finger tips from heavy bass music to minimal techno. The crowd was definitely feeling it, everyone I talked to was raving about how gorgeous the setting was and how they couldn’t imagine ending off the summer any other way.

What a killer event it was, probably making up for other previous events this summer that were hindered by mother nature. I had no expectations going in because this was the first time that Paradise hit Toronto, but I was quickly blown away by the atmosphere. With a smaller closed off venue, it was going for more of a cozy vibe, just big enough so the dance floor was comfortable and could be navigated easily while being personal and intimate.

You were never really lost from your friends for too long and you didn’t have to stress about it, because sure enough I was running into so many people I knew over and over again. I loved that feeling of having so many people I love and care about within such close proximity.

The décor was something to defiantly admire and appreciate, it wasn’t over the top, leaving a tropical utopia setting with the greenery hanging from the stage with pink vibrant carefully placed hanging triangles and beautiful palm tree branches with simple lighting that came alive at night time through the distinctive Paradise neon sign front and center. Enough beauty that you could admire the set up and not take too much attention away from the artists.

Nathan Barato B2B Doc Martin

Local DJ Nathan Barato and Doc martin were going back to back for an extended set for their very first time and it was such a treat to witness. Forgetting all about the set times, I was pleasantly surprised because I thought I missed out on catching Nathan Barato’s set all together. These two were just bringing the fire for hours with all the heavy tunes and weren’t holding anything back. They vibed really well off of one another, bringing vigorous energy to the entirety of their B2B set. One memorable track they threw down was Dance Warriors (Riva Starr Remix)- Malandra Jr. which got everyone moving and grooving in the sweltering sun. They played variety of tunes but generally kept to the bassy tech house we love and enjoy, knowing that the next artist was going to come in with a darker sound.


Dubfire took the crowd on a journey with his live hybrid set. He is highly skilled in his craft, expressive techno bellowed throughout the crowd leaving no sub-genre of techno untouched. Towards the middle of the set he even brought that classic minimal Dubfire sound which was very nostalgic. The sun began to dip over the horizon as Dubfire was on stage, bringing everyone proper sunset vibes and much needed relief from the relentless heat. Hard pounding techno basslines mixed with rich melodic goodness rang through everyone’s souls as the production lit up towards night time. I appreciated all the small subtle changes in his music, making me fall in love with techno all over again. The weather was finally cooling down but tunes were still coming in hot with all the outstanding music he was throwing down.


Jamie Jones

Talk about getting the funk down- Jamie Jones set was full of cosmic grooves, funky basslines and most certainly did not disappoint! The Paradise party boss blew up the stage with his amazing mixing and phrasing skills, dropping all the tunes at the right time which was nothing less than epic. Playing some proper house and tech house beats he dropped More & More & More (Ian Pooley’s New Dub)- Roman Fluegel. He was the perfect closer for evening and had the whole crowd swooning for more. He bought that kind of uplifting tunes needed to set the tone for what was truly the last stand of the summer. Even when they announced that it was a wrap for the evening, Jamie Jones hopped back up on deck and dropped the last song We are Love (Original Mix)- DJ Eric allowing the crowd to dance it out for one more time; ending the party on such a positive feeling.

Everything was so perfect – décor, vibes and the crowd all contributed to the whole atmosphere of Paradise in the Park. I think it was one of the most memorable events of the summer. Embrace, WAY OF ACTING and Platform did it again, organizing and bringing together an amazing outdoor dance party to the city for a one of a kind unique experience we sure won’t forget.

Lots of amazing tunes, many laughs, dance moves and memories were shared among the fantastic crowd. The joy and excitement of the experience was felt by everyone. Jamie Jones gave us all a little piece of paradise to hold on to and cherish. I cannot think of a more perfect way to end the summer.

By: Nicole Sternbauer