Mau5hax Bus Tour United Hamilton Rave Community @ Club 77 for a Monumental Evening

Mau5hax Bus Tour United Hamilton Rave Community @ Club 77 for a Monumental Evening

Mau5hax Bus Tour Recap

Club 77, Bliss Media and UNIGHT Events brought Hamilton a night that will forever go down in history. The Mau5hax Bus Tour made its second stop in Hamilton at the Club 77 Complex for a sold out event.

Attlas began the lineup with a very progressive set. A lot of fans commented throughout the night that his back-to-back set with the label boss was by far their favourite part of the evening. But he held his own very well too. His techno track choices were almost trance inspired, but darker and mixed well on top of mau5. It was hard to ID a lot of his tracks because it was so underground.

Mau5 was amazing. His set was short considering some songs were almost 10 minutes long, but he beautifully blended old favourites into new tracks. He played a different version of I Remember featuring Kaskade, and he blended his remix of Morgan Page’s track Longest Road to Nowhere on top of Maceo Plex’s techno track Solar Detroit, and another favourite My Pet Coelacanth. His set was fresh and had more techno vibes than house.

Deadmau5 came on the microphone and announced he would play his latest track Saved live for the first time just for Hamilton. During the next stop on tour in Montreal, Mau5 came on the mic again and said “I think that’s the first time I’ve played that track” to which Rezz corrected him, “Nevermind, apparently I say that every night”. Some people are referring to the new song as a continuation of the much-loved track Strobe, and it definitely gave the crowd euphoric vibes accompanied by the amazing visuals from the venue.

Hamilton wasn’t done being treated yet. A long blonde haired ‘dude’ began setting up while Mau5 was still playing. We soon learned that the infamous and rare duo BSOD (Better Sounding On Drugs) was about to go b2b for the entire venue. This was a set that Toronto missed out on! Steve Duda and Mau5 played their track Milton along with many other IDs that left the crowd begging for more.

Rezz was next on stage, starting off with her B2B set with Mau5. It was fun to watch mau5 tweak her songs, playing with reverb and stuttering certain parts. Mau5 accidentally muted her songs at 2 separate drops, resulting in him collapsing in laughter under the stage the second time. It was a silly, fun atmosphere and everyone loved it.

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Rezz’s set was filled with mostly original content. She dropped her remix of Marilyn Manson’s track This is The New Shit, as well as her originals Plague and Lucifer. It was amazing to see her top off the end of the night with a nearly full venue at 2 in the morning.

At the end of the night resident DJ Rayz came to the stage to close the venue, but Deadmau5 wasn’t quite finished yet. Mau5 demanded that Rayz play animals or levels while slurring his words, to which Rayz was a good sport and began his set with a track called Rollercoaster. Deadmau5 replied “go back to the browser, come on CDJs. I remember my first gig.” He continued, “It’ll do I guess, it’s 135 BPM so you can’t go wrong.” The crowd enjoyed his constant goofiness throughout the night.

This was a night that will go down in history for Hamilton. From the videos I’ve seen of other stops on the tour, I can honestly say that Club 77 was the best venue for the tour. The visuals were superb all night. They accented the sets and added hype to the show. The CO2 blasters cooled off the crowd, and Deadmau5 even made jokes about how they cost $5,000 every time he pushed the button for them to go off – and then proceeded to push it a dozen times.


There’s something magical in the air when artists like Deadmau5 come rolling through, and it was really special how he shared the stage with up and coming artists on his label. After being in hibernation, Mau5 has given back to the people in ways that have gone down in history forever.

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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