Ever After Artist Spotlight: Bill Slinnton Interview

Ever After Artist Spotlight: Bill Slinnton Interview

Toronto Local Bill Slinnton Makes His Return to Ever After Music Festival

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Veteran DJ Bill Slinnton makes his return to the fifth instalment of Ever After Music Festival this year, and we had a chance to interview him about his career so far. The bass producer has opened for massive artists like Getter, Stooki Sound and Troy Boi, and has played at many favourite venues around Toronto such as The Hoxton, Velvet Underground, One Loft and Echo Beach to name a few. With his latest single titled ‘Inoperable’ feat. Eszter Harazdy, Bill Slinnton is gearing up for the festival season. Read the interview down below!

How did you get your start as a producer in Toronto and what artists influenced you when you were first introduced to EDM?
I started out by playing local shows at literally any bar or club that would let me play. Toronto Bass Community’s events were some of the first along with some opening slots at The Hoxton when it was still around. Some friends and I started our own thing called ‘One Trap Mind’ and went with that for a while. We put together some pretty dope events. It was a good time but a lot of work!

Going way back I would say the earliest influencers were Kaskade, Deadmau5, Chris Lake… this was before the trap/bass days. Then along came Carnage with Hardwell’s Spaceman remix and everything changed. Trap was my new love. Soon after there was Baauer, Stooki Sound, Troyboi… the list goes on.

You are a veteran when it comes to the local stage at Ever After. How has the festival evolved over the past few years and what makes you keep coming back?

I think the festival, like myself, was trying to find its sound. In earlier years it had more variety in terms of genres but was also current to its time. Now it has found its calling in bass music with a strong focus in dubstep and its offerings in unique B2B sets. Ever After has also grown significantly from its first show 5 years ago. The stages, the event space, camping – it’s all grown to be bigger and better each year. With acts like iLL Gates and Haus of Panda headlining the Ontario Stage this year, we can say for certain that things are heading in a great direction.
What keeps me coming back? That’s an easy one. The fans! Having played the festival so many years consecutively has allowed me to build a strong fan base locally, and it’s a great opportunity to see everyone in one place.


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After opening for notable artists like Clams Casino, Stooki Sound, NGHTMRE and Troyboi, what are some events on your bucket list you’d like to cross off for your career?

Hands down ultimate bucket list goal number 1: Shambhala Music Festival. I love the vibes there, the people, the stages, the scenery, the STARS. It’s truly a wonderful place. Next on the list would be Holy Ship, EDC LV, Electric Forest for sure (where we met!), Future Forest, Burning Man, Hard Summer, Ultra and anywhere that has trees, vibes and camping!!!

Your latest single “Inoperable” featuring Eszter Harazdy just recently released. Definitely one of your more darker tracks, how would you describe the thought process behind this one?

This track was the first of its kind in that it was a long distance collaboration. Eszter messaged me on Instagram stating that she was an Opera singer from Hungary and was interested in collaborating on an EDM track. So I gave her my email and she sent me some short vocal recordings. After listening to 15 or so clips I chose 1 that had a good riff to it, dropped in Melodyne to get the pitch absolutely perfect, doubled the length, changed a note or two to add variation and the song pretty much wrote itself from there!

I must point out that there was some inspiration that helped drive the writing process. I spent one night at Valhalla Music Festival that summer. While there I saw sets by DMVU, Eprom, Charles the First and Shades. My mind evolved that night and the definition of bass music became clearer somehow. I wanted to write something dark. Her vocals were just what I needed to make that happen!

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You are pretty versatile with your repertoire, playing all over the EDM spectrum. Which sub genres do you lean towards the most in terms of production v.s. playing a live set?

Finding a solid cohesion between what I want to play vs what I produce is my greatest challenge. Often I sit down to create hip-hop beats that come to life, yet they don’t see the light of day because they don’t fit the persona that Ive been aiming for. I find in my sets I often like to play higher energy trap and bass tracks but I’m finding difficulty is getting high energy in my productions. This year at Ever After I think I may be taking a different approach with my sets and choosing slightly lower energy tracks (but still dirty AF!) to match my productions. Who knows. I don’t like to pre-plan my sets so I’ll go with the flow like I always do and see what happens!

Any projects in the works right now? What are you looking forward to the most this  year for your career?
At the moment I have a plethora of unfinished songs that need finishing. If I’m lucky I’ll have a solid amount of new content to test out at Ever After. I’m actually very excited about it! I am also enrolled in iLL Gates online music production school called ‘The Producer Dojo’. It has taught me so much and continues to push my boundaries. There are also a couple collabs in the works. Hopefully we will be releasing those in the near future!

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If you’re interested in catching Bill Slinnton’s set on the Ontario Stage at Ever After Music festival, you can buy your tickets online and RSVP to the Facebook event to stay up to date on all the festival information.

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