Frustra releases “Fractures EP” Via OKNF + Free Download

Frustra releases “Fractures EP” Via OKNF + Free Download


It’s unbelievable just how far our local talent has come. Toronto producer Frustra releases his latest EP “Fractures” via OKNF Collective, capturing the Brooklyn Bass sound that has already hit Humber Radio airwaves. Not only is the free price awesome for listeners, but it hits home for Toronto and Euphoradio, because our other local artist Brayden Maxwell took over the mastering of this EP, putting his vast production knowledge to work.

Trash Talk has that deep house synth and urban vocals that’ll bring out your inner dancer. It’s super catchy and energetic in the techno department.

Call & Response starts off with a build that seems to represent some energy reaching out, only to be answered by deep house wubs and strong tech house percussion. The euphoric build returns creating a dialogue. The second drop is actually nuts and straight up deep house at its best. The amount of layers and textures in this track is brilliant.

Echochrome plays with this grainy build that has a lot of reverb at times. It drops into this grimy techno beat that just screams Comfort Zone! The house synths take more of a backseat in this track, and there’s a really cool break about 3 minutes in which has distant vocals and experiments with sounds in different types of space.

Mother is probably the weirdest best track on the EP. I’ve never heard something so bouncy and simultaneously dissonant at the same time. It’s beautifully dark and ambient at certain moments. The echoes imply the longing for better memories and reaching outside of the darkness. This is perhaps one of the most emotional tracks from Frustra yet. It is songs like this that validate the existence of techno. There’s a story here and I think Frustra conveyed it well.

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If you enjoyed the EP please support your local talent and give it a download! There will be many chances to catch Frustra live for the Fractures Show Tour, supported by Euphoradio, OKNF Collective, and Golden Truth Recordings.


05.07 / Blackout presents Toxic / Lily Lounge

05.13 / X Marks The Spot / Pearl King 明珠樓

05.27 / HOME BREW ▲ 020 – ANIMANIACS / Supermarket Restaurant and Bar

06.17 / TBA / The Black Eagle Toronto

07.01 / PRIDE TORONTO: Made In Canada / Pride Toronto


All Events Are 19+ and require Valid I.D. upon entry.

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Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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