If you’re familiar with Maddmon you’d know the local producer has come a long way in 2015 alone. Funny enough, I met him at the very first No Neon event, at The Hoxton on January 3rd 2015. He did not know I was a writer and I did not know he was a producer; we just shared our mutual love for music and perspectives on the current EDM scene.

Since then, Maddmon has played the Perrier Stage at Bestival Toronto, several No Neon after parties, a Digital Dreams after party, and shared the stage with artists Pulp Funktion, Shaun Frank, Dzeko & Torres, Don Diablo, Nu Alias, Hunter Siegel, and more.

I remember at Maison, the Don Diablo show was insane. I remember 15 minutes into my set, he taps me on the shoulder and said ‘Bro, you’re killin’ it’. I was like What? The man is a legend and he just told me I’m killin’ it! Things like that really motivate me to go further and just do the best that I can.  – Maddmon

Check out the video for the full exclusive interview!

Catch Maddmon this Saturday at The Hoxton when he opens up for Malaa

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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