EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Underground UK Producer Mvrie Celeste talks about the Chill Wave Genre, Online Collaborations + More

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Underground UK Producer Mvrie Celeste talks about the Chill Wave Genre, Online Collaborations + More

Remember Crystal Castles in their prime? There’s an artist in the UK who’s a one-woman show, and she’s taken that sound to a whole new level. Mvrie Celeste expands on the trip-hop, glitch wave, dark future sound. Her older tracks resemble the lyrics of Lana Del Rey, with an alternative electronica vibe. But her recent projects tell a different story.

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How would you best describe your music?
I would say it started off kind of punk-electro, but lately I’ve been crossing over more with glitch stuff and making more spacey-glitchy beats.

What kinds of venues do you like to play at?
Well I haven’t done much live stuff for a while. I would like to start playing some gigs in London. I’d like to support somebody who would compliment each other’s music well. I’m not quite at the stage where I’m ready to do my music live; I do a lot of different mixes of the same songs. I’m working on an album, so once I get that together I can start thinking more about how I’m going to do it live and what equipment I’m going to need. I’ve been doing a lot of single releases. But I’m getting to the point where I have a lot of material that I want to put together and put into an album. I’ve thought about doing an EP as well. I’ve been working with a lot of people who’ve been remixing my stuff and I’d like to somehow incorporate that into my album; maybe an EP with all the remixes on them or something. Some of the remixes I actually like better than the originals.

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How has the EDM scene in the UK reacted to the mass explosion in North America? (example: in festivals, commercialism, media/culture, etc)

We’re loving it in the UK. There’s been a real dance music revival here lately. Moombahton nights, acid house nights, a lot of proper raves… Major Lazer recently stopped here on his tour and sold out. It’s been really cool.

What’s your definition of Chillwave, where did it come from, and who would you say are the best artists in that spectrum?

I guess it’s kind of, an extension of trip-hop but the beats have more depth to it. It sounds really Spacey. There’s a lot going on in Chill Wave right now because there’s another huge thing called Vapour Wave that’s crossing over, and other genres that are coming together at the moment.

Lately there’s a new thing coming through, called Cave Wave which is a lot like Chill Wave only it’s got more weird sounds. Xelarain, he’s really good. He’s doing more cave wave stuff. I’ve worked with Muda; his chill wave stuff is really cool. He did a remix of one of my tracks [‘Underground’]. But I do prefer the new stuff that’s coming through – I don’t know if you’d call it chill wave.


What’s it like living in the generation of artists who collaborate online across the world and without a face-to-face introduction?

It’s really cool. Everyone’s really supportive and trying to help each other. A lot of people are forming collectives now. I was part of a collective for a while for chill wave artists [Calm Collective]. Sometimes we’d all work together on one track even though we’re all from different countries – it’s kind of a weird process but it’s really good to meet people with different skills and put something together to form amazing material.

Despite finding great music and artists online, do you think using Sound Cloud as a means of promoting your own music will shift to a new platform?

I don’t know. I mean, it just stared off as a side project. It was more of an experiment cause I was using some techniques that a lot of people see as weird. I think I try not to normalize it by perfecting it, keeping things on the edge. I don’t really want to start writing mainstream stuff, but the problem with that is not everyone likes it. I don’t know if I’ll ever breakthrough into bigger platforms. I prefer to work in a smaller community and be familiar with who I’m working with.

What’s your favourite remix someone has done of one of your tracks?

Fear the Priest has remixed a couple of my tracks. I really love what he’s doing with the whole retro acid sound, the beats he’s using… his remixes have been some of my favourites lately. Muda’s remix of ‘underground’ I love better than my version. Facy Sedated, he’s breaking through at the moment. I think he’s only about 19 or something but the stuff he’s making is amazing.



How did you come across Fear the Priest?

I think I might have liked one of his mixes on SoundCloud, and then he was saying he could work with my vocals and the style he was doing. So we got together and I sent him some of my vocals. He put together an amazing track. The track he remixed first is called ‘Broken’, which is kind of a slow wave trend that’s coming through. He managed to lift my vocal from that track and put it onto more hip-hop/acid/electro music that he does. It sounds mazing.

What’s the inspiration behind “pod love”, and did you ever release the original track?

No I actually didn’t really finish that. I started off doing quite sci-fi stuff, and then I got into doing really dark – almost horror type tracks. I wanted to go back to the sci-fi glitchy stuff. So I really put everything into that track. I think I’m going to release it as a single off the album when it’s finished.

What is 2016 shaping up to look like for MVRIE CELESTE?

I’m hoping to carry on working with some of the great producers, perhaps getting my stuff remixed more. Hopefully finishing up my album if I’m organized enough to release something.


Mvrie Celeste is definitely an artist to look out for. After speaking with her I’ve grown to really like the artists she’s worked with; their collaborations are truly unique. It’s inspiring to see all these producers coming from different parts of the globe to collaborate and expose their works to each other’s fan bases. Meanwhile there’s an uprise occurring where spectrums of chill wave music are endlessly waiting to be discovered.

As amazing as Mvrie Celeste’s projects are, she revealed her style of music is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye out for an album sometime in 2016!


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