Fear The Priest Releases”1%” via 9G Records OUT NOW

Fear The Priest Releases”1%” via 9G Records OUT NOW

Fear The Priest Drops His 1% EP


Fear The Priest continues his slew of track releases, with his latest “1%” to officially hit the web November 7th, 2016 via 9G Records. If you’re familiar with the DJ veteran, then it should come to no surprise that his latest release is a hard-hitting bass track that fits with his industrial warehouse vibe, with a lot more substance than the average techno song. “Down with the elite” is the theme of this track – hence the title – and the sample suddenly becomes all the more relevant. It’s almost too fitting to have an underground artist use an anti-commercial genre such as techno to comment on the 1% of wealth, especially since the genre itself was formed as a movement to fight these motifs.

The single is to be released with remixes done by female duo Vandalls and DJ Polychronic, both from the Greater Toronto Area. While Vandalls executes their remix with a more electro-house approach, Polychronic bring his experimental style to the table.

“It was so fun to ‘vandallize’ the original, we wanted to keep that unique ‘Fear The Priest’ sound and vibe, just put our spin on it We aspire to make music that makes you want to dance now, ask questions later. Our style is edgy and playful, we come from backgrounds as different as night and day; Ashes Hip/hop contemporary dance/ myself underground electronic scene, so we draw inspiration from that, and it resonates when we create. We love to infuse elements of other genres into our tracks, making it all flow together. Taking our message of unity and oneness from a concept to an audio actualization.” – Vandalls


“I’ve been a big fan of Fear The Priest’s music and been quite impressed with the volume of quality releases he’s put out this year. So when I was given the opportunity to remix 1% I really wanted to create something different that still falls in line with the his edgy and dark driving sound. I’ve been going through a nonconformist electronic experimental phase and when working in the studio I really wanted to create something that sounded unique. Since the whole 1% ideology touches on the inequality of wealth distribution around the world, I really wanted to go for a creepy sound that shows the ugliness of those who’s main goal is for wealth and power.” – Polychronic

Whether you’re looking for a dark edgy track, a new dance banger, or an experimental industrial track, this release has something for everyone. It’s hot off the press so support your locals and grab it now!

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