Flim Psychological Love EP Review

Flim Psychological Love EP Review

About the artists:

FLIM is no stranger to the Toronto music scene, with a history as far back as the early 2000’s Flim was pronounced the first man of Thai-French-Toronto Techno in an interview with thump about 2 years ago.

Jane Void is described as “Toronto’s best kept secret darling” by her peers, currently performing with her band Some Minor Noise.

As many of you already know, we at Euphoradio are huge supporters of Fear The Priest, a Toronto techno heavyweight in the underground music scene.

The opening track of the EP, entitled “Love Manipulation” is a collaborative work of art penned by Flim and Jane Void. The track features a driving drum line with an interesting deep bass line. Sporadic articulation of the melody synths’ filter automation make the lead synth “speak” along with the repetitive vocal slices. Although there are no intelligible vocals, the track tells a story in an almost alien language. Love Manipulation is six and a half minutes of deep techno bliss.
Psychological Love Original Mix


The title track of the EP, “Psychological Love” opens with heavily processed drums paired with a funky walking bass line. The track progresses with the addition of a dreamy yet unsettling, echoing melody; further being accompanied by spacey, swelled chords. The track carries into the main section, with the chord swells being replaced with subtle chord stabs that bounce between the listener’s speakers, progressing into a new melody. The track carries on with the addition of a vocal phrase overtop the chord stabs and echoed melodies. Psychological love is another journey of deep techno dreamscapes and sonic euphoria.
Love Manipulation (Fear The Priest Remix)

In contrast to Fear The Priest’s previous works, his remix of Flim and Jane Void’s “Love Manipulation” is a mid-tempo techno track with funky 303 envelope-followed basslines. The track opens with a bouncy drum line paired with unsettling shakers processed with what sounds to be slap-back delay or a small room reverb with boosted and compressed early reflections. The remix builds with vocal chops from the original track, and has an almost Aphex-Twin sort of vibe. Interesting syncopation of the percussion lines and synth chord fills carry the track along. This is definitely a new side of Fear The Priest we haven’t seen before and it does not disappoint.

Brayden Maxwell-Lead Editor

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