Get into the Halloween Spirit with these Killer tracks!

Get into the Halloween Spirit with these Killer tracks!

From my personal library to yours, Euphoradio brings you a fine selection of Halloween themed remixes and tracks, just in time for a spooky weekend! Whether you’re going to a house party or need some beats for the commute to a show, here’s a selection of songs that cover the many subgenres of EDM while still catering to the dark holiday approaching.


If you’re into heavy bass and dubstep, Figure and Brawler got you covered. Warning: incoming nostalgia in affect. The Goosebumps theme song is definitely a jingle that strikes a chord with all the 90’s kids out there, but it’s never something I’d imagine jamming out to with pure grime and bass. How fitting though, to have the walls shake from a song that reminds us of scary episodes of monsters and ghouls. Figure released this track as part of his Monsters 6.66 LP which features 9 new tracks that are horrifically heavy. Check it out. Goosebumps remix is track number 7 out of 9, and the box set is free for download!


Perhaps you’re more into the house subgenre, and want something sort of soulful and chill? Zhu dropped his remix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” earlier this year at Bestival in Toronto, which premiered on BBC Radio 1, but never officially released. It’s a hidden gem of his remixes, and I’m glad to bring it back just in time for the holiday.


Kill Paris did a funky remix of the GhostBusters theme song last year, which has been taken down off his Soundcloud since then. It was free for download and lives on within my library, but you can also check it out via Youtube. It has a well-anticipated drop, and the bass gets slapped around quite a lot.


Love trap? I got you covered. The Khan Don did a remix of Michael Myers and its pretty grimey in the later half of the song. Although it’s probably best to hear this on a proper sound system, it’ll get you poppin’ and lockin’.


For some trap of the twerky kind, here’s a track for all the Walking Dead fans out there. Splitbreed & Loud N’ Killer bring a track that is dark and slightly comical; they incorporated Rick screaming out “Carl!” in the beginning, and add in the violins from the show’s intro into the build up. The later half gets more serious, announcing a zombie apocalypse with a killer verse.

Most, if not all of these tracks are free for download! No matter what your plans are for Halloween, I hope these tracks get you in the twilight zone.


Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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