Hartry releases “Pink in the Water” OUT NOW

Hartry releases “Pink in the Water” OUT NOW

Hartry releases “Pink in the Water”


This vocalist has more than just a few tricks up her sleeve; Hartry’s latest track “Pink in the Water” is a self-produced track that runs with the future bass sound but carries her soothing vocals across the pond. The use of retro video game samples overlaid on the echoic melody creates a unique fusion that deserves to make its way to everyone’s ears.

“It’s about changing yourself just to please someone else. Also it is kind of the realization that you’re happier and better off being yourself. The pink in the water represents the pink hair dye rinsing out in the water. Dying your hair pink was a symbol of the first step in finding yourself again. ‘pink in the water lit the fire on’, lighting your internal flame.” – Hartry

Hartry actually had the chance to perform this track live while it was unreleased at Mulberry After Dark in Hamilton a few weeks ago! Her set drew in a decent sized crowd of people who were originally just passing by after Art Crawl. There will be more chances to see her performer live so keep checking back to Euphoradio for all the updates! Support your local artists and buy the track out now via Bonfire Records.

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