On our Radar: |HomeBrew ∆ That’s My DJ ∆ hey! dw|

On our Radar: |HomeBrew ∆ That’s My DJ ∆ hey! dw|

|Home Brew ∆ That’s My DJ ∆ hey! dw |

In recent weeks you have probably seen a link for a web series titled |That’s my DJ| grace your news feeds. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about I suggest you get comfortable because I’m going to fill you in on the whole situation and the amazing team behind it all.

13221762_997523763635252_6615526796768770367_nThe Web series is produced by a Production company named Night is Y, and was founded by D.W Waterson.

The web series is a narrative of her life, and the woes of being involved in the DJ scene and stars Emily Piggford, Jade Hassoune, Jacob Neayem, Dayle McLeod, Nico Racicot, Kyle Mac, Kelly McCormack, and Kristian Bruun.

According to the web series’ Facebook page the description of the series is as follows;

“From heartbeat to heartbreak, chasing dreams & chasing highs, TMDJ is an unapologetic look inside the new order of rave.”

Now let me tell you, once you start watching TMDJ you won’t be able to stop. It’s as addicting as OITNB but 1000x better. The show has already began production on it’s highly anticipated 3rd season and we seriously can not get enough. Now i’m not going to spoil the storyline or the plot of the show because I highly recommend you take the time to enjoy both seasons of it, however- moving forward the the web series also revolves around an event titled Home Brew.


Yes! Ladies and gentleman! The two are 100% related. There is even filmed footage from the events hosted at SuperMarket Bar (& it’s former residency The Boat) in the series. (Yes, you could be internet famous for the really awesome price of supporting a bunch of local DJ’s and actors.)


“HOME BREW brings together Toronto’s up and coming electronic DJs, Producers & live musicians. Playing the best in Deep House, Future House, Trap, Tropical & Bass.

Fostering up-and-coming talent as well as celebrating the veterans we are a gay/straight alliance who believe in CHEAP cover, CHEAP booze and above all else GOOD MUSIC.

We are the Top 40 of the Underground.”

Home Brew occurs monthly with a few breaks in-between. D.W & the team strides to support Toronto’s local DJ pool; and the line-ups for these monthly events are delicious.

If you’ve been following us for quite some time now, you know that the Team at Euphoradio does whatever it can to showcase local EDM talent Toronto has to offer.

I personally attended Home Brew for the first time back in March, and let me tell you I instantly fell in love with hey! dw. Her energetic stage presence is unique & something that you don’t see much of anymore. On top of great tunes, each night has a visual theme that plays on the backdrop of the stage; themes include Spongebob, Arthur, & Rugrats just to name a few. Since then i’ve attended monthly event religiously.HeyDW1

hey! dw is a dynamo, her stage presence consumes the entire room with an energetic performance that gets the whole room banging. She is a force to reckon with as her notoriety in Toronto has tripled within the last few months. It’s truly amazing to watch something grow from an idea such as this. The ERteam and I have witnessed Waterson in action, and let me tell you; she is one hell of a performer.

The information in this article is only the tip of the Ice berg, & I highly suggest you check out all of the links and content I have listed below. Be sure to RSVP to the Home Brew’s Facebook Event page to stay up to date on the event series. Also be sure to send some love to That’s My DJ & hey! dw to stay current with the growth of these brands!

You’ll be sure to see more of D.W & her crew on our feeds again soon as we highly anticipate the premiere of Season three for TMDJ.

That’s My DJ {Website} {Facebook Page}

hey! dw {Facebook Page}

Home Brew {Facebook Event Page}


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