Migration: Lapa with/ Milu, Ankle Mix, & Skank Honto Nov 30, 2019 – Toronto

Migration: Lapa with/ Milu, Ankle Mix, & Skank Honto Nov 30, 2019 – Toronto

The Squigely Duck, Last Planet HQ and Illumination Presents their final event of 2019: Migration. Headlining the event is the Toronto debut of Lapa and also featuring local artists Muli, Ankle Mix and Skank Honto.  Collectively, the lineup features artists who encompass the spirituality behind the music, with beautiful melodies and just the perfect amount of bass to get you going on the dance floor. The event also features installations from artists Keaton Hartigan a.k.a. Hart Apparel and Symmetry in the Stars. Both artists create stunning pieces of art that are psychedelic, spiritual and compliment the musical lineup for the evening. Migration is an event you won’t want to miss!

November 30th
Location to be announced
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Originally from Portland Oregon, Lapa is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who fuses raw and euphoric sounds together to create a magical atmosphere in his music. With a background in both digital and analog, his music layers soundscaping techniques with instruments such as the violin in order to blend both worlds of the virtual and physical. He has played at festivals like ResonanceNorthern Nights and Lightning in a Bottle and has been supported by artists Bonobo, Big Gigantic, Eoto and Empancipator to name a few. Listen to one of his sets below to get a feel for what you’re in for!

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Skank Honto

A Toronto local with over 15 years of experience in the scene, Skank Honto is known for playing funky tunes and breakbeats that are sure to get the crowd groovin’, whether it be at the beginning or end of the night. His retro house tunes and 90’s throwback samples pay an homage to the glory days of hip hop and funk, fused with soul and electronic. Listen to his Space Funk mix below!

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Ankle Mix

Notably from the Architextures Collective, Toronto local Ankle Mix is a producer and DJ who plays diverse sets all around the city. Often complimented by beautiful visuals, Ankle Mix’s sound can be described as “classically futuristic” and his sets stem from soft and atmospheric sounds to fat, wonky basslines. He frequently plays at venues like ROUND, and has joined the lineup for many showcase events with Architextures in various places like monuments, galleries and parks in Toronto. Listen below to his Zombie Zoo mix.

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A notable artist from the NightShift Toronto series, Milu brings his signature style to the house genre, from the lo-fi chill vibes to the more techno and bass filled sounds. He’s frequented venues across the city such as Nest, Annex Wreck Room, Nocturne, One Loft and more. Get a taste from his Long Road, Short mix below!

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Hart Apparel

Based in Kitchener, Ontario, artist Keaton Hartigan will be part of the art showcase for the Migration event. This artist creates psychedelic paintings that are geometric, spiritual and stunning. Keaton has recently digitized his works into ethically sourced t-shirts, wooden engraved jewelry and decal stickers. He’s been a vendor at bass events such as Future Forest and Valhalla, and has DJ’s like Bill Slinnton and LSDream spotted reppin’ Hart Apparel. There is a rumour in the works that there may be some new products he will be debuting at this event, so you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled.

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Symmetry In The Stars

Inspired by nature, ancient arts and the mind’s eye, Symmetry in the Stars encompasses beautiful illustrations that are intricate and thought provoking. His initial designs are of detailed fractals, playing with shading and geometry. All of his designs are completely done by hand. He also does custom designs for tattoo work. Support him this weekend at Migration!