Production Event Preview: CDR Toronto

Production Event Preview: CDR Toronto

CDR Toronto is the Canadian adaptation of the multi-platform “Create, Define, Release” project based out of the UK. The CDR project seeks to give unsigned and undiscovered producers, artists, and musicians an opportunity to gain exposure on their content. The event is centered around producers getting to hear their hard work on large systems otherwise unavailable to them in their own studios, and offers a more intimate experience than similar shows.

From the CDR Website:

“By getting a chance to publicly listen to their sonic works in progress, producers can identify any tweaks or development their songs could benefit from (especially when played through [now defunct] Plastic People’s crystal clear bespoke setup). They can also gauge people’s responses as well as discussing their tracks with others attending.”

The Event Itinerary is as follows (as found on the Facebook event page):

“9pm — 10:30pm: CDR Archive
Choons sourced from previous CDR sessions around the world.

10:30pm — 1am: Open CDR
Improvised DJ set comprised of YOUR music submitted on the night.”

From a producer’s standpoint, the real goal of this event is to network and connect with the right people and industry leaders, with music listening taking a backseat to the social aspect of this event. However, to many it will be beneficial to hear submitted works and how they register on larger systems, I know after a gig that I’ve played some of my own work at I usually open up my DAW the next day and add a few tweaks that stood out to me the night before.

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Further reading about CDR events around the world and it’s potential for incubating the Toronto underground music scene can be found on FactMag, and on the CDR Website!

Brayden Maxwell

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