Our House: Rave Communities Unite for Puerto Rico

Our House: Rave Communities Unite for Puerto Rico

Rave Communities Unite for Hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico

Hamilton Rave Community founder Danny Govedar has taken initiative by setting up a Go Fund Me page in order to aid the emergency relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Danny has worked in the scene for years. He’s promoted events, organized raves, ran the Hamilton rave community, and has been involved in countless events and projects. The campaign “Our House” is an opportunity for fans in the electronic music scene who usually spend their money going to shows, to instead take action by donating money to people in need after the devastating hurricanes that hit the island this year.

Two years ago we were celebrating the anniversary of the Hamilton rave community and as part of the celebration we decided to fund raise for the McMaster Children’s Hospital to give back to our city. The whole electronic music scene, is based on entertainment and community. We are lucky and safe to be in societies where we can celebrate music and enjoy ourselves freely. We are a massive music scene and recalibrating this energy towards a good cause is a perfect way to show gratitude and really its the least we can do. There is so much joy, and community, and also wealth in the electronic music scene. Spreading it and helping those most in need with our platforms seems only natural. – Danny Govedar

So how did Hamilton’s rave community choose Puerto Rico of all the global issues to donate to? They came to a vote and the overwhelming majority picked Puerto Rico. This community decision seems to play a huge part of the success of the charity campaigns HRC runs at this time of the year. It is no doubt going to be a rough holiday season for the residents in Puerto Rico, and that is why every donation counts. Most of the island is still without electricity, food and supplies. Just recently, the Guardian reported that FEMA paid $30m to a Florida company to supply tarps for thousands of homes months after the hurricanes, but the tarp company never delivered. Now the $30m contract is being pulled, and residents are still without shelter  and clean water months after hurricane Irma and Maria.

The Hamilton scene decided to fundraise again this holiday season and we voted on helping Puerto Rico by a landslide. People really resonated with this cause. I realized that we can make this much larger than a Hamilton project, and so I got in contact with prominent members in the scene from coast to coast and together we launched a truly amazing national campaign. So many people have helped and shown support; its been an incredible experience so far. – Danny Govedar

The damage to the water systems in Puerto Rico has given citizens access to water contaminated with bacteria since the hurricanes this year. USA Today reported at the beginning of November that “At least 74 suspected cases of leptospirosis, a dangerous bacteria, have been reported, including two deaths. ” Residents are also reporting that what used to cost $3.99 for a 24 pack of water now costs $7.50 in Puerto Rico. More news is also surfacing that despite the death count in Puerto Rico to be at a low number of 55, Vox reported recently that social science researchers estimate that the aftermath of the 2017 hurricanes has actually cause well over 1,000 deaths in Puerto Rico. All of these factors and more contribute to the crisis going on there, and the rave communities want to help!

Activism and the arts scene have always been hand in hand. The rave culture from its origins represented an equality movement which helped champion the rights of various sexual orientations as well as the black community. Arts often come from the underground and are in direct touch with pressuring issues and societal problems. – Danny Govedar


Donating to this campaign will specifically help the official Food Bank of Puerto Rico. The major contributing rave communities are listed below.

Halifax Rave Community
Hamilton Rave Community 
London Rave Community
Montreal Rave Community 
My House Is Your House
Sudbury Rave Community 
Toronto After Dark  
Toronto Bass Community 
Toronto Producer’s Group 
Toronto Rave Community 
Tri City Rave Community 
Winnipeg Rave Community


You can donate here to the go fund me page. Don’t be intimidated by the previous donations; donate what you can because every little bit helps. If we exceed the goal of $5,000 we will try to push it further! Big props to Danny Govedar for organizing this fundraiser. The Euphoradio Family stands with you!