Fear The Priest Remixes Elex & Mkky “Anywhere The Wind Blows”

Fear The Priest Remixes Elex & Mkky “Anywhere The Wind Blows”

Elex & Mkky Anywhere The Wind Blows (Fear The Priest Remix) Out Now on Bandcamp

Fear The Priest has blessed us once again with an incredible remix. This time FTP puts a glitch-hop-meets-hard-electro spin on Elex & Mkky’s Tropical House track Anywhere The Wind Blows (Original track for reference).

In contrast to the original track’s uplifting and happy dreamscape of sonic bliss, Fear The Priest takes this track to the dingiest, darkest corners of the electronic music spectrum with a heavy grinding bass line akin to those heard in hard electro house bangers pre-2013, and some of the filthiest drums to date. But it’s not all doom and gloom in this track, as FTP has perfectly married elements from the original track to his own additions in this sonic masterpiece.


Grab your copy of the remix here, Pay what you can!

Brayden Maxwell- Lead Editor

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