Fear The Priest’s “Lazarus Hook EP” on Major League Recordings

Fear The Priest’s “Lazarus Hook EP” on Major League Recordings

Fear the Priest Lazarus Hook EP

Fear the Priest teams up with Major League Recordings to bring you his latest work of art “Lazarus Hook” as well as remixes from a hand-picked group of upcoming producers.

Lazarus Hook (original mix)

The title track begins with a sleazy, retro sounding synth line building to a climax complete with aggressive 303 style Acid House basslines, haunting synth sweeps, and in-your face hi-hat rolls. This track fits perfectly in The Priest’s catalogue of self-proclaimed “Black Techno”. The soundscapes and textures used in the track are somewhat of a throwback to 90’s techno (think Plastikman) with a darker vibe, akin to the sorts of music you’d hear in a side-scrolling shooter/action game on SNES.

Frustra Remix

Frustra brings the heat with his electro remix of Lazarus hook. The main “bass” synth is unique, with a squelchy digital texture paired with a pounding tech-house drumbeat. This remix is interesting to say the least, with Frustra moving towards a more experimental sound than his typical UK Garage/Bass House tracks.

Fam Riot Remix

Fam Riot takes “Lazarus Hook” to an even darker place, his use of 606 Hi-Hats pair flawlessly with the uneasiness of this track. The overall theme of low-fidelity and down-sampled textures over a high fidelity bassline create an unsettling atmosphere of sonic filth. A bongo grove in the first half of this track provides the listener with somewhat of a familiar sound and syncopation providing a bit of club-friendliness amidst the digital terror.

Benyto Juarz

Benyto Juarz’s remix of “Lazarus Hook” is somewhat of a lighter track compared to the metaphorical darkness established by The Priest and Fam Riot. Benyto Juarz uses the opening synth from the original track as his main element, and writes a catchy melody with it. Rather than sticking to the dark, atmospheric theme established by the original track, this remix is a more upfront, simple rework. To me, this track is the perfect electro adaptation of a dark techno track without straying too far from the idea of the original mix. A definite crowd pleaser.

Korina Dahl Remix

Offering more of an appeal to the general listener, Korina Dahl takes a trendy approach to their remix. In contrast to the dark, aggressive, gritty nature of the previous 3 tracks Korina Dahl offers us with a familiar sounding Future House track. The arrangement of this track is DJ friendly, and overall fun sounding. One minor criticism about the track I question is the ability to call this track a remix, as the only identifiable element from the original track is the vocal sample. But to each his own.

Overall, Fear the Priest’s “Lazarus Hook” EP has something to offer everyone on the spectrum of steady beat music, from the terrifyingly dark vibes of Fam Riot’s remix, to the club friendly future house anthem by Korina Dahl.


Brayden Maxwell- Editor in Chief

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