REVIEW: Rezz Releases first EP “The Silence is Deafening” out now on Mau5trap Records

REVIEW: Rezz Releases first EP “The Silence is Deafening” out now on Mau5trap Records

Rezz had a busy year in 2015, getting her name out there and spending her time playing shows, or on a production binge in her bedroom. She’s had the support from many artists including Destructo, Skrillex, and Deadmau5. After all her hard work, her debut EP has finally released on Mau5trap Records to kick off 2016 with a bang.

The first track “Lost” is extremely catchy and fits beautifully on Deadmau5’s label – it has an aggressive house sound, complimented with the vocals of Delaney Jane. The blend of local talent has easily created one of the tracks of the year. Come festival season, this song will be played everywhere.

“Edge” is definitely my favourite off the EP. The track is dingey, progressive, and in your face. The bass gives off a dark vibe, which is introduced by this dissonant melody – sounding like an out of tune stringed instrument adding to the edginess. The song completely encompasses Rezz’s signature sound and an amazing track live on a real system.

“Delusion” sounds like a part 2 of Edge, but it’s a bit more creepy in the sense of an 80’s horror. Some of it reminds me of the Doom 2 soundtrack, while other parts give off a Terminator vibe – lots of anticipation, sort of retro, and more darkness. The breaks in the songs give a nice contrast to the building parts.

“Methodology” begins slowly and quietly, and evolves into a hard-hitting track that seems to narrate a lot of tension. The synth used sounds like a morphed beep – something alarming and demanding our attention. The industrial sound is carried throughout piece, even when the ending speeds up bringing the intensity to a climax.


The EP is well done and over due. Rezz’s hard work has paid off. Support her on Itunes or Spotify. If you want to catch her next show, read about why you need to come to the Hoxton to see her open for artists Justin Martin and Destructo for the Ship2Ship tour! There is no doubt she will play her new material. Enjoy the EP and continue to support your local artists!


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