Solaris Releases Extremely Disappointing Lineup for Toronto’s Rave Community

Solaris Releases Extremely Disappointing Lineup for Toronto’s Rave Community

With a bit of last minute anticipation, it was announced only yesterday to be prepared for the lineup’s huge announcement for 12 noon on October 27th, 2015. As the clock stroke 12, many fans urgently posted on the event that there was still no sign of a lineup. Around 12:10pm, the teaser video posted to the event page, showing highlights from last year’s killer lineup of Skrillex, Mark Oliver, Boys Noize, Tchami, and more.

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The release of the new lineup wasn’t teased at all this year – which sort of highlights that there’s nothing worth teasing to begin with. The lineup released at the end of the video’s announcement with a very underwhelming lineup of artists who regularly stop through Toronto several times within the year. The first day headlined by Hardwell, Oliver Heldens, Borgeous, Kill the Buzz and Manzone & Strong while the second day is headlined by Steve Angello, Carnage, Fedde Le Grand, Wiwek and Mark Oliver.


If you’ve attended many events by Ink and Live Nation then the likelihood of you having already seen at least half this lineup is pretty high. I know I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Manzone & Strong, Steve Angello, and Mark Oliver.

Carnage is being heavily criticized across the web currently for his production tutorials, and for publicly stating he still uses torrented software, which is highly frowned upon in the professional music industry. So that’s another artist in the lineup that may have some more leverage toward the underwhelming response of the lineup.

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The only artist that seems to be getting praise from the Solaris 2015 announcement is Wiwek, a producer from the Netherlands who makes Jungle Terror beats – It sort of sounds like if Big Room and trap had a baby. But Wiwek has collaborated with Hardwell, and sort of caters to this mainstream type of crowd who usually consumes whatever music is fed to them. So if you’re not into Hardwell or that type of music, then the lineup generally isn’t for you.

Something good that’s come out of Toronto Rave Community though, is that people are starting to think more critically over what promotion companies are presenting to them. Digital Dreams & Veld basically shit the bed this year, with the worst luck in weather, but also in handling a very demanding crowd. Lately other companies like Embrace have failed to handle coat check at Disclosure in a safe manner with the lack of security, and left fans at the Zedd: True Colors show from accessing their paid floor seats due to an oversold crowd… and we can’t forget the disaster at Bestival of the thousands of people struggling to get off the island both evenings via lack of ferries and a very disorganized security crew.


There is much praise for Steve Angello on the lineup, but if you’ve already seen him several times is it really worth spending $130 before taxes & fees for just one artist? Not to mention dealing with long bathroom lines, overpriced drinks, and potential disaster for coat check again and the Direct Energy Centre

I’m not sure why people had huge expectations for this Solaris lineup to begin with, despite the decency of last year. The 2015 rave gods just don’t seem to have anything lined up well for Toronto, so why continue wasting your money and complaining? It’s sort of ironic that the bigger events in Toronto have gone downhill since the Guvernment Nightclub complex has been torn down. Perhaps a clean slate in 2016 will prove differently.

If you want to party it up during the Christmas break, I’d honestly keep an eye out for some pop up after parties. It’s very possible that Sound Academy could prevail and bring in some artists to make up for the negative response so far, with a far less expensive ticket price if you don’t procrastinate. Just keep your eyes peeled in the mean time!

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Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio


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