The Hoxton’s Crowd Bowed Down for BTSM’s CHURCH TOUR with Apashe and Dabin

The Hoxton’s Crowd Bowed Down for BTSM’s CHURCH TOUR with Apashe and Dabin

Black Tiger Sex Machine stopped by The Hoxton for their “Church Tour” and made the crowd bow down in the name of bass! The Kannibalen lineup was brought to us by Embrace featuring Toronto local Dabin who opened up the night and brought in a majority of the crowd right from the beginning.

btsm church tour

Dabin’s setup is quite admirable: he plays live guitar or keyboard while mixing tracks – adding an extra spunk to already hard-hitting tracks. He dropped a remix of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with a live guitar solo on top that blew people’s minds. He also played a solo layered on top of “Foresaken” – just when you think that song couldn’t get any better, it did. Dabin also dropped tracks like “Bloodless”, “Embers (Feint Remix)”, and “Endless (Spag Heddy Remix)” which I had personally been listening to on repeat leading up to the event. Some tracks Dabin played were a nice contrast to all the grime, like a remix of Odesza’s track “Say my Name” as well as Flume’s remix of “Tennis Court” by Lorde. His set was overall melodic, fast-paced, and perfect. Toronto is very proud!

dabin btsm show hoxton

Apashe came to the stage and got everyone riled up with “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys (Apashe x Oski x Lennon Bootleg). He bounced back and forth between a lot of grimey dubstep, basshouse, and trap. I was pleased to hear the Habstrakt remix of Must Die’s track “Hellcat”, as well as fellow Kannibalen artist Letrique’s track “Spark” featuring Panther. But the real gems of the night were the original tracks like “Kannibalen” and “Trap Requiem”. Apashe’s energy was unreal. His bass face could be seen from the back of The Hoxton. There were even some moments where his dancing behind the decks started to outshine the crowd on the dancefloor.

apashe btsm hoxton show

Black Tiger Sex Machine made their way to the stage in the darkness and began their set with suspenseful bass. The entire intro to their set can be viewed here. They opened their set with the fitting track “Religion” in collaboration with Lektrique, then moved onto new tracks from the unreleased album such as “Punks” and “Numbers”. I was pleased to hear other originals such as the much-anticipated “Stairway” as seen in their youtube Live Demo video. I was actually surprised how nobody seemed to mention they dropped Jauz’s remix of “PLUR Police” by Knife Party, since that track is seriously underrated and I missed it live at Jauz’s set in Hamilton.

btsm hoxton show

At the end of their set, BTSM played their last few minutes with their helmets off, and the crowd could see the genuine faces behind the artist who gave a killer performance. They resurrected the bass genre in the Hoxton – and with that comes a genuine crowd with amazing vibes. Crowd-wise, it was a very smooth evening. When I made my way to the back of the venue, all the ragers were going hard as usual. It actually felt like church because this was our sanctuary and it felt right being together and sharing our passion for the Kannibalen artists.

btsm hoxton

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