Txtmeback & Notmyfriend Release music video for “Super Computer”

Txtmeback & Notmyfriend Release music video for “Super Computer”

The Hamilton duo Txtmeback & Notmyfriend have released a music video for their single “Super Computer” off the new Reconciliation EP. The duo’s sound is truly unique; strange combinations of grunge, electronic and hip hop. The constant motif of technology draining away our humanity can be found throughout the entire EP. The video has trippy visuals and spot on imagery which represent the song very well.

“Pretty much the song is bout how obsessive we are with technology, it fucks up our relationships and friendships because 90% of people are really vocal on social media about their emotions. So we pretty much incorporated that into the video by making my brother do that ritualistic interaction with technology and social media. As a result when he finally leaves the house he finds himself completely alone.” – Txtmeback

Although the duo just played a show at The Baltimore House recently, keep your eyes peeled because more local shows are in the works! This authentic sound is rare and I highly recommend catching a live performance.

Enjoy the video and EP!

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