Zhu Releases Collaborative “Genesis Series” featuring artists Aluna George, Bone Thugs n Harmony, A-Trak, + more

Zhu Releases Collaborative “Genesis Series” featuring artists Aluna George, Bone Thugs n Harmony, A-Trak, + more

Zhu is back with a twist of mystery. For the past month he’s released a new track almost every Friday with a variety of featured artists. As part of this “Genesis Series”, Zhu’s website has been redone as GenerationWhy and presents the viewer a word maze that subtly reveals the artists he’s working with for the planned releases. On September 10th, the site listed artists Skrillex, Aluna George, A-Trak, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and Gallant.

There’s no real direction acknowledged as to what the series implies, other than collaborations and anticipation. Zhu has taken full advantage of his marketing via website, music videos and song releases. So far everything he puts out looks polished, modern, and contemporary. He has set the bar pretty high for himself since the huge track “Faded” which topped charts around the world.

“Automatic” featuring Aluna George is the first of the new series to start climbing the charts, currently sitting at spot 97 out of the top 100, but it is only a month old and safe to assume its climb has just begun. Aluna is also coming to The Hoxton on Halloween right here in Toronto. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped this new track, and possibly some unreleased tracks. You can get your tickets here and check out the event here.

You can’t deny it really highlights the quality in production when an artist decides to release every track slowly to give each it’s own time in the spotlight. And that’s what an album should contain; zero filler. Every track off the Genesis series so far has a different vibe while still maintaining that Zhu sound we all love. He’s proving diversity while working with reputable artists in the scene, executing different angles of deep house – something that is usually criticized of the genre. Zhu was nominated for a Grammy when he first came to light, but it seems he’s really working hard for it this time.


Although Skrillex has been mentioned there hasn’t been anything released yet in collaboration with him, which is slightly ironic since Zhu was initially rumoured to be Skrillex’s alias. This collaboration is no doubt the most anticipated of the series, so keep an eye out cause the track could potentially premiere any day now. But in case you miss it, Euphoradio’s got you covered.

Serafina Thoma – Euphoradio

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